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How to get pharmacist license or drug license in India?

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Do you want to get the pharmacist's license in India?

Yeah, you can get it. Read this article thoroughly for the detailed knowledge.

If you want to start any pharmaceutical business like a pharmacy shop, medicine distributorship, medicine manufacturing, or online medicine shop you need a drug license. Without a drug license, you cant start any pharmaceutical business.

First of all, you should know that a Drug license is the main document to start any pharmaceutical business. But people call it as pharmacist's license, pharmacy license, medicine license, pharmacy certificate, and more.

Let's understand how to get it.

There are two ways to get a pharmacist license to start any pharmaceutical business in India.
  • Get your own pharmacist's license by completing a pharmacy degree.
  • Hire a pharmacist for your business.

get pharmacy license or drug license in India

Get your own drug license or pharmacist license by completing a pharmacy degree.

After 10th. you should choose the science stream to complete 10+2th. Then You after 12th you should do a pharmacy course.

How long time does it take to get a pharmacist license?

This is one of the most common questions asked by most of the people who want to start their business as soon as possible. But you have to wait for minimum of 2 years to get your own pharmacist registration.

Diploma in pharmacy (D.pharm) Course duration of 2 years.
Bachelor in pharmacy (B.pharm) Course duration of 4 years.

You can choose any one of these courses both of the courses can provide you pharmacist registration. Both of these courses are full-time courses.

After completing one of these courses you have to register yourself in your state pharmacy council. They will provide you the pharmacist registration.

After collecting all the pharmacist registration you have to apply for the drug license to the District Drug Controller Office. In every district, there is a District Drug Control Officer.

After total investigation, they will provide you the pharmacist license or drug license. So this is the legal process to get your own drug license and start your own pharmaceutical business.

Advantages of your own pharmacist registration:
  • You can save a good amount of money. Because you don't have to hire a pharmacist.
  • You have the perfect knowledge to dispense any medicine.
  • There are no disadvantages.

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Hiring a pharmacist for your business.

You can hire any pharmacist who is registered in-state pharmacy council and have a pharmacist registration. You just have to make an agreement with him.

You have to apply for the drug license to the District Drug Controller Office with the pharmacist you hired. The Drug Controller officer will provide you the drug license by his pharmacist registration.

You can hire pharmacist for full-time or part-time. But full-time hiring is the legal way according to the Drug and cosmetic act.

A registered pharmacist can improve your business and they have the authority to dispense any medicine according to the prescription. Otherwise, if any drug inspector came to your shop and if there is no pharmacist then they have the power to cancel the drug license. That's very harmful to your business.

I recommended you to hire a pharmacist for full time to sustain your business.

Advantages of hiring a pharmacist:
  • Don't have to spend a lot of time to get the pharmacist registration after completing any pharmacy degree.
Disadvantages of hiring a pharmacist:
  • You have to spend a fixed amount of money on the pharmacist you hired, whether you making a profit or not.
  • If you don't hired a full-time pharmacist then there is a risk of drug inspector's raid on your shop.
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