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Start a pharmacy franchise business in India: Cost, Apply, Contacts

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Pharmacy franchise business ideas, investments, more.

Do you want to start or own a pharmacy franchise business?
You already know that medicines are an essential need just like food and water. If you want to start or own a franchise pharmacy business then it's a great pharmacy business idea in India. Because the pharmacy franchise is one of the fastest-growing industries in India.

You can live your life like a boss and you can create jobs for others. You should put a lot of dedication and hard work to grow your business. If you are ready then let's learn.

For pharmacists and pharmacy students, it's super easy because they have their own drug licenses. If you are a pharmacist then don't wait for a 9 to 5 job. Start your own.

But if don't have a pharmacy degree then you can also start a pharmacy business. You need a store, a laptop, and a very low investment.

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Most of the people are confused because of the lack of knowledge. So in this article, I'm going to share all the knowledge that you need to own a pharmacy franchise. The process of application, the amount of investment, and all the contact details for the pharmacy franchise, etc.

Best pharmacy franchise business in India:

Medplus pharmacy franchise business, cost, investments,

1. Medplus franchise:

Medplus is another big company in the pharmacy retail chain business. They operate across 1350 pharmacies in 150 cities of India.

Medplus franchise cost:
For the Medplus franchise setup cost is around 17 to 20 lakh rupees depending on the location and the size of the store. From this amount, you have to invest Rs 6 -7 lack rupees and you would be able to obtain the balance as a loan under a special scheme through the State Bank of India.

Contact  Medplus>

Netmed pharmacy franchise business, cost, investments,

2. Netmeds franchise:

Netmeds is a big name in the pharmacy retail chain and online pharmacy industries. According to them, they have over 100 years of experience in dispensing and customer services.

They provide a wide range of medicines and OTC products.

If you already have a pharmacy, then you can also join the Netmeds pharmacy franchise program. So both who want to start a new pharmacy business and who already owned a pharmacy both can start the franchise business with them.

Netmeds franchise cost:
You have to invest around 10-15 lakh rupees and the space to start the business.

Learn More>

Sanjivani franchise business, cost, investments,

3. Sanjivani pharmacy franchise:

Sanjivani is a well-known company in the pharmacy retail and distribution sectors. They have a huge range of product range. Not only allopathic medicines, OTC products. They also have ayurvedic medicines, surgical products, and homeopathic products. 

Sanjivani pharmacy franchise cost:
You have to invest around 10-20 lakh rupees and the area 200-300 sq. ft to start the business.

Learn More>

Frank ross franchise business, cost, investments,

4. Frank ross pharmacy franchise:

Frank ross is a well-known pharmacy retail distribution network company by Emami Group. They have over 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. They provide a wide range of branded medicines and own-brand "Ross Care" products.

Frank ross pharmacy franchise cost:
The cost of investment is 10 to 20 lakh rupees and commercial retail space to open the pharmacy store.

Stayhappi pharmacy franchise business, cost, investments,

5. Stayhappi pharmacy franchise:

Stayhappi is a retail generic medicine pharmacy chain company. They provide high-quality generic medicines and OTC products for consumers. 
  • They have more than 670 products. 
  • They have 310 stores in 75 cities in India.
  • One of the fastest-growing pharmacy retail chains of India.

Stayhappi pharmacy franchise cost:

The cost of investment is 1 to 5 lakh rupees and you need 120-300 ft. sq. space to open the pharmacy store.

Now I'm going to tell you two pharmacy franchise business, that doesn't need a drug license. So anyone can start this business, you should work hard to create great revenue.

1mg pharmacy franchise business- Cost, investments

6. TATA 1mg pharmacy franchise: is one of the best online pharmacies in India. They have a huge range of medicines, healthcare products, and OTC products.

According to 1mg, they have delivered more the 25 million orders across 1000+ countries of India. So this is really a big branding factor for the company.

1mg started an affiliate business program, called "Sehat Ke Saathi". For this pharmacy franchise, you don't need a drug license. It is one type of B2B policy.

They just provide 500 visiting cards, 1 blood pressure monitoring machine, 1 blood sugar test machine, and a 1 banner (6 ft X 3 ft) for marketing and branding. They also provide some technical skills training to run the franchise shop.

TATA 1mg franchise cost:

So the cost of investment of cost 1mg franchise is 10,000 rupees. This is one of the low investment business ideas with a good amount of return.

Medlife pharmacy franchise business- Cost, investments

7. Medlife online pharmacy franchise:

I hope you already know that Medlife is one of the largest online medicine seller company. So this is their franchise program. They have a huge range of products including medicines, OTC, Surgical, food supplements, and more.
This program is just like a 1mg franchise program. You don't need any drug licenses for the application. You just need a small space for a shop, a laptop, or a desktop to run the business and nothing.

Medlife pharmacy franchise cost:
This is also a low investment pharmacy franchise program. The cost of investment of the cost Medlife franchise is around 20,000 rupees.

SasthaSundar pharmacy franchise business- Cost, investments

8. SastaSundar pharmacy franchise:

SastaSundar is an online pharmacy and health care store. They provide genuine medicines at low cost. All types of branded medicines, personal care, healthcare, beauty care, herbal and organic products, and OTC products are available on their website.
SasthaSundar Health Buddies is a great business model. When any customer ordered any product on their mobile application or official website, they directly send the order to the nearby franchise owner to fulfill the customer's need.

This business model is too much appreciated by franchise owners. Because you don't have to invest a lot of money for this franchise model and it's quite easy to handle.

SastaSundar pharmacy franchise cost:
You have to invest near about 50K to 2 lakhs rupees and the area required for the franchise store is 120 Sq.ft.

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