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How to start a pharmacy store in India?

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Do you want to start a pharmacy store or a medicine store? The pharmacy store opening is not a tough process. But due to medicine is a lifesaving material, that's why there are some extra formalities to do. If you are a pharmacist cum owner, then it's quite easy. You can open a retail or wholesale medicine store.

The medicine business is one of the best businesses in the world. The pharmaceutical industry is the most growing in India. This is a great decision to start a pharmacy and provide health services. Let's understand the process to get a drug license.

What are the documents you need before starting a pharmacy store?

  1. Pharmacist Registration, Latest renewal certificate of Registration.
  2. A store with a size of 120 square feet or more.
  3. Make furniture for your store.
  4. Collect the trade license for your local municipal corporation or panchayat.
  5. Bill of your refrigerator for medicine shop.
  6. Tax receipt of the store plot.
  7. For rent store, rent payment receipt.
  8. Rent agreement with the owner.
  9. Plot legal files.
  10. Voter or Aadhar card of proprietor/owner.

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How to apply for a drug license?

After collecting all the documents go to the District Drug Controller Office to know how to apply for the drug license. In every district of India, there is a District Drug Control Officer.

Ask the Drug control officer about the process of application. Now the application process is changed in the online application.

For retail or wholesale medicine stores, you have to choose the application.

What you have to do when you are a pharmacist cum owner?

Ask the drug inspector, about the process. There is a different process.
  • At the time of the application process, you have to upload all the documents that I told you about before.
  • Then you have to wait for the further correction of the application.
  • After the application, you have to wait for a few days. Then the drug inspector will come for the inspection of your store.
  • When the investigation is done, then you have to wait for the next process.
  • After the approval. You have to go to the District Drug Controller Office to take the drug license.

Be aware when you going to hire a pharmacist for your pharmacy store.

If you are going to hire a pharmacist then be aware of fake pharmacist registration. There are a lot of fake universities, who provide pharmacist registration. But those universities or institutions are not Pharmacy Council of India(PCI) approved.

Before hiring go to the District Drug Controller Office and make sure the registration is real or not.

How to get approval from the drug inspector at the time of the investigation in your store?

  1. Ready furniture for medicines.
  2. Clean and clear environment.
  3. No toilet into the store. (Contamination problem)
  4. Permanent Banner, shine board of the medical store.
  5. Don't forget to add the address of the store on the shine board.
  6. Refrigerator set up is very important. 
  7. L shape or I shape counter is best for pharmacy.

Now your pharmacy store is ready. You can sell any medicines from here.

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