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Top 15 business ideas for pharmacists and pharmacy graduates.

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Are you interested to start a business after pharmacy graduation? Then that's a really appreciable and powerful decision. There are thousands of startup ideas for pharmacy students. You just have to set one target then go through that way or you can innovative pharmacy services.

5 years ago, after completing any pharmacy course (like B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Pharm.D) most of the pharmacy students wanted to get a job with a decent amount of salary.

But now the scenario is changing with the entrepreneurial and broad-minded thinking of some pharmacy students. They don't want to spend their time in other people's business. They want to start their own business after completing their pharma course. They want to create jobs for other unemployed people.

Now I'm going to discuss the top 15 innovative business ideas for pharmacists and pharmacy graduates, through which you can understand that,

How to start a pharma or health-related business after completing B.Pharm or M.Pharm or Pharm.D?

But before you start your business journey you should know that business is not like a job. If you want money then you have to work for it. No fixed salary or income is there. You have to create your own destiny.
Due to the lack of business knowledge, most of them become unsuccessful in their entrepreneurial journey. If you are confused still now, then you must know about other career opportunities after pharmacy.

Let's know the ideas to be an entrepreneur after pharmacy.

1. Pharmacy store:

After completing any pharmacy degree course, most of the students don't want to open their pharmacy stores. Because they think it's a boring job. But that's not true.

The pharmacy store is a profitable and interesting business. Most of the pharmacy stores are conducted and owned by non-pharma people in India. That's why the environment of the pharmacy store is changed as a normal store.

A registered pharmacist with an apron and educational qualification can change the environment of the pharmacy as well as the business model.

The pharmacy store is the first step of your entrepreneurial movement.

Learn:  How to start a pharmacy store in India?

2. Franchise pharmacy store:

There are hundreds of pharmacy retail chain companies. They want to open their pharmacy store nearby you. You just have to find out those opportunities.

Franchise pharmacy companies like Appolo Pharmacy, Sasta Sundar Healthbuddy, Netmed store, FrankRoss, Sanjivini, etc.

Call then in the toll-free number or email them. Ask them about the detail of the franchise program.

You Need:
a. Pharmaceutical Drug License. (Grab it from the district drug controller)
b. A store.
c. A refrigerator.
d. Investment.

Before investment, you have to learn more about the company's background and investment policies.

3. Franchise Clinic:

There are a lot of health care service companies like Apollo Clinic, Lifecare Clinics, etc. If you want to start a clinic then you can start with the lowest investment. You can start this business along with your pharmacy. That going to be more profitable for you.
So don't wait to grab the opportunity and start making a lot of money.
Before the investment doesn't forget to check and verify all the information about that particular company.

You Need: 
a. A store
b. Furniture
c. A small amount of investment.

4. Wholesale of medicine:

If you have a good amount of money to invest in your business. Then medicine wholesale is a good business idea. You can start these businesses.

You Need: 
a. A wholesale drug license. (Collect it from the district drug controller)
b. Furniture
c. A small amount of investment.

5. Online pharmacy store:

Due to the internet, users are increasing so that the online pharmacy business is also growing. But before getting into the online pharmacy business you have to learn the offline or pharmacy store. To deeply understand the pharmaceutical business process. Then you can start an online pharmacy.

But you have to know all the rules and regulations given by the Indian Government.

You Need:
a. A Logistics team for supply products. (Early days you can do it)
b. A Pharmacist team for medicine & prescription handle and billing. (You can do it)
c. An accounting team (Hire an accountant)
d. Software and web handling team (If you have web development or app development knowledge then start with your confidence)
e. You also have to collect medicines according to orders from the wholesaler.
f. Social media & Search Engine Marketing team is necessary for you.
g. A customer care team is also important.

6. Manufacturing of medicines:

The manufacturing of medicines or pharmaceutical products is quite difficult. Because of the huge investment and management. But you can start a small-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing hub. Before getting into the business you have to clarify, what you want to do Only production, Only Marketing, Marketing, and production both.

You Need:
a. Pharmaceutical Production or Manufacturing Drug License. (Collect it from the district drug controller office)
b. Investment for equipment, testing labs, the salary of the employee.
c. Skilled production management team.
d. Marketing and Sales Team

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7. Manufacturing of cottonwool:

Absorbent cottonwool is one of the most useful products in the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors. There is thousands of application of cottonwool like cotton rolls, pads, balls, etc. Also useful in the industries of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, etc.

There is a big opportunity for you if you have an entrepreneurial vision. This is a huge growing industry in India. So you can start it.

Before getting into the business you should learn, research, and take a strict decisions because a manufacturing industry means big investment and hard work.

You Need:
a. Pharmaceutical Production or Manufacturing Drug License. (Grab it from the district drug controller)
b. Experience in the industry or technical consultant who can give you handhold support for getting the result as fast as possible.
c. All machines for the production of cotton wool.
d. Investment. (you can get Govt. loans for the setup.)

8. Manufacturing of saline water:

Saline water is a very useful material in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. If you want to start production then you can do it. But before going to the business you should do research on it.

The demand for saline water is growing 5% each and every year. The whole demand is fulfilled by domestic manufacturers. There is a big scope for you. You can also be successful in this field but before starting you should have knowledge about it.

You Need:
a. Pharmaceutical Production or Manufacturing License. (Grab it from the district drug controller)
b. A machine for the production of saline water.
c. You may need a technical consultant who can give you handhold support. (Take it as an investment, not as an expense)
d. You need to work in this sector because your experience is like fertilizer.

9. Healthcare/medicine related talk show:

If you have good communication skills and good knowledge of health-related information. Then you can start a healthcare/medicine-related talk show. Useful and valuable videos and audios have a big demand.

You Need:
a. Camera. (or use your smartphone camera)
b. Microphone (or use your headphone)
c. Video Editing Software (free versions are available on the internet)
d. Make 3 to 4 minutes of video clips.
e. Upload it on the internet. (Facebook, youtube, etc.)
f. Enable Facebook and YouTube monetization.
g. More useful video = more views = more earning.

10. Surgical product supply:

There are many medical stores, small clinics, and medical centers in every small and big city. They need a lot of surgical products like a disposable surgical apron, hand gloves, surgical gown, preventive wear, surgical sponge, disposable swabs poetics, surgical pad, operation theater sheets, etc. Every medical center needs these products. There is a big business opportunity. You can start the surgical product supply business from your local area.

You Need:
a. Find a good supplier.
b. Visit your local medical centers, clinics, nursing homes, and convenient for them to sell your products.

11. Yoga Training School:

You have a pharmacy degree. That means you have knowledge of physiology and pharmacology. You have to take a certificate course on yoga. Then start your yoga training class. Share some health-related information with your trainee to create more impact.

You Need:
a. A big room or passage with good air ventilation or your rooftop for good air pass or choose your garden or nearby park.
b. Communicate with everyone trainee to create more value.

12. Online Pharmaceutical Coaching:

If you love to teach others and if you have a clear knowledge of pharmaceutical subjects then start your online pharmaceutical coaching school.
The pharmacy colleges are increasing, so the number of students are also increasing. So they need a private coach to understand every single topic.
First of all, you have to start your class on youtube and Facebook to let people know and to get the target students.
This one is a great side business idea for pharmacists.

You Need:
a. Internet Connection
b. Skype, google duo, or what's app video calling facility.
c. Create some PDF notes to share with your students.
d. Create a payment method like NEFT, Net Banking, Paytm, Google pay, etc. to get paid by your students weekly or monthly as you wish.

13. Create a healthcare website or apps:

If you have knowledge of website development or android or iPhone application development, then start a healthcare website. like: online health magazines, online fitness tips, online yoga training, etc.

If you don't have knowledge then you can choose or WordPress to start your website.

14. Write and sell health-related books:

If you have good writing skills then start writing your knowledge and publish it. You can write an online health magazine, fitness-related books, yoga meditation-related books, etc.

You can sell these books on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

15. Import and sale of medical equipment:

Hope you already heard about You can find out medical equipment from there and you can import those in India. Then after your packaging and branding, you can sell it in the market by creating a distribution channel.

This is a great business idea for pharmacy students. But you need to do market research to find out which one product has a big demand in India.

You Need:
a. A team for market research, sales, and branding.
b. A good amount of investment.

a. Be aware of the fake supplier on Alibaba.
b. Don't import any medicine or supplements from China.

If you like these article then share these article with them who want to be an entrepreneur. Best of luck. Go ahead, don't stop until you achieve your goal. Thank you very much. 

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