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15 best career opportunities for pharmacy students of India | imdip

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Pharmaceutical technology is the most growing field in India. So there are multiple career opportunities for pharmacy students and biotechnology students.

Most of the pharmacy students waiting for college campusing jobs that may be off-campus or on campus.

But do you know that there are many more job opportunities for you?

What is the real work of a pharmacist?

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Now I'm going to share about different fields of pharmacy and different types of pharmacy jobs. Read the total article from top to bottom consciously to understand the scope of pharmacy in India. You may find out the career that you want to choose.

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15 Best Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Students in India.

1. Govt. hospital pharmacist

Central and state both government hospitals need pharmacists. Normally D.Pharm is their minimum requirement. But B.Pharm and M.Pharm students can also apply for the hospital pharmacist jobs.

You will earn a good amount of salary from the job.

Find these jobs news from the newspapers notification section and health department official websites.

2. Private hospital pharmacist

There is a lot of private hospital companies like Apollo, Narayana Health, Manipal hospital, etc. They need a lot of pharmacists in their pharmacy.

You just have to make a proper CV or resume. Then go to websites of those companies and find out the career section in the footer or lower part of the website. And submit your resume there.

They will inform you by email or call if they have any vacancy in that position.
You can also contact them by direct calling or use your source.

3. E-commerce pharmacist

There is a lot of e-commerce pharmacy companies like Medlife, Netmed, Pharm easy, Sasta sunder, 1mg, etc.

Day after day internet users are increasing in India very fast that's why the online pharmacy stores are also increasing to fulfill customer's needs. So e-commerce pharmacists going to be a big pharmacy career option. There is a big demand for online executive pharmacists.

Any pharmacy degree holder can apply for these job D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Pharm.D.

You can submit your resume in the career section of the lower part of those online pharmacy websites.

They will pay well for the job but there will night shifts also.

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4. Retail Store Pharmacist

In every town, there are a lot of retail pharmacies. Retail pharmacy chain companies (like Frank Ross, Medicare, etc.) are hiring pharmacists.

You can easily ask for jobs directly face to face or by calling or by there websites.

5. Industrial Pharmacist

In any big industry, there should be a medical or health center. They need pharmacists. They will pay a really good amount of salary.

You should have a direct connection with someone, who is a current work in that industry. Because these companies don't advertise for the vacancy.
Industries like Coal India, Ambuja Cement, etc.

6. Teacher of pharma institutes

If you love to teach and share your knowledge with the next generation pharmacists, then teaching is the best profession for you.

You should have an M.Pharma degree to apply for the assistant professor position in private or Govt. pharmacy colleges or institutes.

If you are a Ph.D. student, then you can apply for a Professor post.

You can ask the management of those institutes for the job of assistant professor by contact directly or through the mail and attach your resume there. If they have any vacancies, they will contact you soon.

7. Pharmaceutical production Industry

The pharmaceutical production or manufacturing industry is a big platform for pharmacy students to get jobs.

There are various pharmaceutical production hubs at Sikkim, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, etc. in India.

Storage, production, quality control, quality assurance, etc. departments are there in pharmaceutical production industries.
So various pharma job opportunities are there.

You can easily find out the job opportunities by finding on google or you can register and upload your C.V. on websites like and

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8. Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing is the most important field. From there you can easily find out the various job.
They will pay a good amount of money. Sometimes sales incentives will also add to the salaries according to the sales target fulfillment.

You can easily apply for this job by registering on,, etc. websites.

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9. Clinical Research Pharmacist

Clinical Research is one most important parts of the clinical field. So there is a good job opportunity for pharmacists.

Pharmacovigilance, drug safety, adverse event management, etc. divisions are there.
You can easily apply for these types of jobs. They will pay you better according to your performance.

There is various service-based IT company like Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, etc.

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Research opportunities for pharmacists, research fellowship opportunity after M.Pharm

10. Research fellowship

If you are interested in innovation or want to research on drugs or drug delivery systems, then go for the research fellowship.

You should be a GPAT qualified or NET qualified candidate.

Research fellowship students can get a good amount of stipend from Govt. of India.
Various pharma companies are waiting for eligible pharma students for research and development jobs.

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11. Drug Inspector

Drug Inspector is a very prestigious and honorable job opportunity for pharmacists.

Both Central and State governments need Drug Inspectors.

But you should crack a Govt. exam for it.

12. Jobs in health and food dept.

There is a lot of job in Government health and foods, both department.
Job position like Health assistant.

A pharmacy student can apply for that job and can easily get those jobs.

So you should follow all the advertisement or notification of vacancy of govt. health and food department websites.

13. Start writing health care article

If you have a clear knowledge of medical or drug topics. And if you have the writing skill then go for the job of the medical and health content writer.

You can apply to companies like Cognizant, Omics international, etc.
But you must have a minimum B.Pharm. degree.

14. Open a pharmacy shop

Start your own medicine shop:
Most of the pharmacy students don't want to open a pharmacy shop.
Maybe they don't have enough money to invest or they may not want to take any risk or other problems. But owning a pharmacy shop is a very profitable and scalable business.

You just need a drug license (A pharmacy student has his own drug license) and a trade license for it.

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Start franchise medicine shop:

There is a lot of pharmacy retail chain companies like Apollo Pharmacy, Medplus Pharmacy, Netmeds Pharmacy, etc. They are finding for franchise partners. You can apply for that franchise. For this business, you just need a shop, a drug license, and 5 to 10 lakh rupees of investment. This is one of the growing fields in the pharmacy retail sector.

You can search for a pharmacy franchise,

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15. Start working with the journal publishers

There are a lot of medical and drug research journals publishing organizations.
They want journal writers and editors. You should have good writing skills. So that is a good pharma career for you.
Pharmacy students can apply for jobs. (B. Pharm, M.Pharm, Ph.D.) Organizations like Omics international.

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