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Top 5 sophisticated job opportunities for Pharmacy Students in Clinical Research field | imdip

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Job post for Pharmacy Students in Clinical Research field

Clinical Research is part of the health care field. This process is done to improve the safety and efficacy of drugs to ensure that the drug is effective and risk-free for the market.

Clinical research is a fastly growing field in India and the whole world. So there are several types of good-paying career opportunities for pharmacy students and pharmacists

Most of the jobs are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. cities in India.

Clinical Research jobs are generally life science-based jobs. Bachelor of Science (life science) or Bachelor degree in any health care field can also apply. B. Pharm, M.Pharm students are always the top priority for any Clinical Research Organization(CRO companies).

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But for all those jobs you should have

  • Excellent communication skill. (Speaking and writing)
  • Basic computer skill. (Excel, graphics software handle)
  • Clear knowledge of life science. (Human anatomy and physiology)

Quintiles, Synchron, Lambda, etc. are some well known Clinical research organizations in India.

Top 5 sophisticated job opportunities for Pharmacy Students in the Clinical Research field.

1.Clinical Monitors/CRAs: 

Clinical Monitors are also known as Clinical Research Associates. Mainly they conduct the whole process of clinical trial studies. They monitor all the aspects of clinical research, from the clinical trial design to the submission of clinical research report submission.

In house CRAs:

In house CRAs are those, who work for sponsor companies. They don't have to travel a lot. Very small traveling job.

Regional CRAs:

Regional CRAs are working independently from home. That's why they are also called as home-based CRAs. Generally, they make the plan of a clinical trial, handle the monitoring and oversees trial conduct. They can monitor it from home but they have to travel more than an In house CRAs.

Go to and search for CRA jobs. You will get more than hundreds of jobs.

2.Clinical Research Coordinator/Site coordinator

Clinical research coordinators play a vital role in the clinical trial, that's why they are also known as clinical trial managers (CTMs). From they properly plan and manage the study, maintaining training initiatives, maintaining regulations.
They work on the research protocols to get approval from regulatory organizations. 
They also work at the site of medical clinics, laboratories, and research hospitals to collect the study information. That's why they are called Site coordinator.

3.Drug Safty Associate:

The work of drug safety associate to manage the drug safety by clinical trials study, medical supervision. 
They also maintain regulations and Standard Operating Procedures. Sometimes they have to work with medical directors.

You can find out jobs from Naukri, Monsterindia websites.

4.Medical Writers:

Medical writers are those who work with the doctors, laboratory pathologists, scientists, and other medical field experts to create a properly structured the whole clinical research study documentation.
The medical writers maintain the regulatory guidelines into the documentation.
They make the document easily readable, understandable.

5.Quality control/ Assurance Personnel

Quality control and assurance personnel have a big responsibility. 
They ensure the protection of human subjects from the risk of clinical research.
They should assure the credibility of the data collected from the research study.

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6.Clinical Data Management Personnel

Clinical data management is a critical phase in clinical research. The clinical data management team collect, integrate the high-quality data.

The main aim of CDM is to make sure that into the date the whole clinical research study is included to protect the public health.

7. Clinical Research Scientist

Clinical Research Scientist is a very interesting job option.

Generally, they conduct clinical research by investigation of disease to determine proper diagnosis or treatment.

They work with several hospitals, pharmaceutical labs and other clinical centers.

8.Regulatory Affairs Monitors

Regulatory affairs monitors ensure that the new drugs and medical devices are safe and effective for particular patients.

They work on the product by the product life cycle process. From drug development, testing to the approval process to post-market monitoring.

There are more job opportunities in the clinical research field.
Like Statistician, Lab Personnel, Management and support personnel, Project Personnel, Medical Monitors, etc. 

Huge Clinical Research Jobs opportunities in India. But due to lack of proper communication skills candidates can't get these jobs.

I hope this article is useful to you. 

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