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15 useful Questions and answers for online pharmacy company job interview | imdip

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Top Questions and answers for e-commerce pharmacy company job interview

Before the useful questions and answers for online pharmacy company job interview or e-commerce pharmacy job interview, you should know about e-commerce pharmacy.

So here I'm adding some conceptual introduction about e-commerce pharmacy.

E-commerce pharmacy or online medical shop or online pharma retail is nothing but an online store like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

But in the case of e-commerce pharmacy, pharmacists are required to cross-check the prescription like every medicine store.

In the normal medical shop, the hard copy of the prescriptions required but for the online medical shop, digital copy or the images of the prescription required. There are a lot of online pharmacy companies in India. Like,, etc.

Every online pharmacy company required a lot of pharmacists. Day by day the internet users are increasing in India. So online medicine consumers are also increasing. There is a great career opportunity for every pharmacist and pharmacy students.

Hope you get a clear introduction on it.

Now I'm going to share some very important questions and answers that may be useful for your job interview.

Top most useful Questions and answers to crack online pharmacy company job interview.

Question.1. Tell me something about you?


Casually answer without nervousness, your name, place, education detailly, the latest degree that you have, if you have any job experience. (Don't be afraid, keep a fresh smile on your face)

Example of answer:

My name is (your name), I'm from (place name), I have completed my B.Pharm and M.Pharm degree in (Specialized subject), I have 8 years of experience in marketing/production/retail pharmacist (if you have)

After you tell the interviewers about your experiences. You must be ready for the related questions come from those particular experiences that you. 
Like why did you leave that job? and Can you guarantee us that you will not leave this job?

Your answer should be, I am very grateful for my previous company but the skill and financial growth is also very important for every employee. Your company will be a great place for me to improve skills and financial growth.

Question.2. What do you know about our company?


Before the interview, you should gather some information about that company from their website, Wikipedia or from other sources. Like when the company established, the head office of (name of the company), founder of the company, etc.

Example of answer:

(name of the company) established in date, by (name of the founder), head office in (name of the place), They especially focused on (name of product categories) like online pharmacy, online doctor consultancy, pathological check-up, etc.

Question.3. What is your favorite subject?


Tell them about that one subject, from which you can answer most of the questions.

Example of answer:

My favorite subject is Pharmacology. ( get ready for some related questions)

Question.4. Do you have any idea on drug interaction?

Example of answer: 

Drug interaction is a reaction between 2 or more drugs, drugs, and foods, etc. Due to drug interaction, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced or it causes other side actions. That may cause very vital rection. (sometimes death)

Question.5. Do you have any idea on e-commerce pharmacy?

Example of answer:

I have some knowledge of it. Online or e-commerce pharmacy, they collect the image of the prescription and they supply the medicine to the patient according to the prescription.

Question.6. What is Schedule-H drug?


Just discuss on Schedule-H drug. and give some example of from the list of Schedule-H drugs.

Example of answer: 

Schedule-H drug means the list of some drugs that can be sold against the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

Question.7. What is Alprazolam?


Try to answer them in very short but relevant.

Example of answer: 

Alprazolam is a drug used to treat anxiety. This is a psychoactive drug. Alprazolam belongs to benzodiazepines.
It has habit-forming properties. That is a schedule-H drug.

Question.8. If you get a prescription, there is a medicine, which contains alprazolam. The patient wants more than 5 stripes of it. Then what should you do?


You should answer them that only 1 or 2 stripes.

Example of answer:

Obviously, I don't give him 5 stripes. I can give him maximum 1 or 2 stripes.

Question.9. Do you know about antibiotics?

Example of answer: 

Yes Sir. Antibiotics are those medicines which are used to inhibit the growth or remove from bacteria.
Example: Azithromycin.

Question.10. What is the condition written on the level of suspension?

Example of answer:

Shake well before use. Because the suspension is a biphasic liquid dosage form. It contains a solid and liquid phase. Solid particles are dispersed in a liquid phase. The solid particles are settled down under the container. Shaking uniformly distributes these solid particles in the liquid and its ready to use.

Question.11. Keep it in cool and dry place means?

Example of answer:

That's the instruction written on the package of most of the medicines. Cool place means that place which is protected from direct sunlight in room temperature, not in the freeze. (basically 25 degrees Celsius) And dry place means, a place without liquid and water. 

Questin.12.Tell me something about the storage condition.

Example of answer:

Storage conditions are such important instructions guidelines to the patients to protect the drug from decay and chemical reaction. Storage condition changes according to the nature of the drugs.

Question.13. Are you able to work in night shift?


Always positive answer.

Example of answer:

Yes Sir. I'm ready.

Question.14. How much salary do you expect?


This is a very important question. Don't tell any exact amount to the interviewers.

Example of answer: 

Sir, I want this job to learn and experience. I expect a salary according to my knowledge and the company norms.
(if you have experience) I have 5 years of experience in marketing my CTC is 6 lack per year. I expect a salary according to my knowledge, experience, and company norms.

Question.15. Do you have any question for us?


You should thankful to the interviewers. And ask them if you have any inquiry about the job or the company.

Example of answer:

Thank you, Sir. For giving me this opportunity to ask you. Working Shifts, location of the job, etc.

Here, I discussed the most useful questions of Online pharmacy interview questions and answers to help freshers or experienced candidates. But that are not all questions of the e-commerce medicine store job interview.

If you have knowledge of the interview. You can share that knowledge with others who need it. Click here to contribute your knowledge.

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