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Indian pharmacist died for making CORONA medicine.

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An Indian pharmacist died after consuming a corrosive chemical, that he had prepared to cure the coronavirus. He was sent to the hospital shortly after consuming the chemical component.

According to the news report, He was a 47-year-old man, K.Sivanesan. He was the production manager of a Chennai-based Ayurvedic company, Sujatha Biotech.

Not only K.Sivanesan, but the chemical is also consumed by the owner of the ayurvedic company, Dr. Raj Kumar. He was 67 years old man. Then both of them developed health problems and administered to the hospital and now the owner’s condition is stable.

“They seem to have had a belief that the mixture may be used for COVID-19 treatment and to improve platelet count in the body. As both of them developed problems, they were rushed to a private hospital where Sivanesan died around 8 pm on Thursday,” the investigation officer said to the Indian Express.

According to police, the pharmacist Sivanesan and the owner Raj Kumar met and decided to make a medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 on Thursday. They decided to use Nitric Oxide and Sodium Nitrate as a chemical to create the medicine. They hoped that they would make huge profits if they create the medicine for COVID-19.

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