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Top 5 medicine reminder android apps | imdip

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Are you a busy person that's why you can't remember to take medicine at the right time?

That's a great problem for most of us due to the busy time schedule and our busy life. Due to the medication skipping, we can't get cured of the disease in which we are suffering. Sometimes your mom or dad or grandparents forget to take medication at the right time.

But now, we all have smartphones and using that we can easily remember medicine taking the time.
Are you thinking about how?
There have a lot of android applications to remind you that it's time to take medicine. Just down the application from the play store for free and place your medicines name and when you have to take and set a reminder alarm. That's it. At the right time, it will notify you as an assistant.

Some people call it as alarm for tablet or medicine reminder or pill reminder or medicine time reminder or drug time reminder, etc.

Top 5 medicine reminder android applications.

Using these applications, we can easily take medicines at the right time without skipping. And we can also track medication. So from today never miss any pill or medicine and be healthy and safe.

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Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker-My Therapy

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker-My Therapy is a free medication reminder application. It also has some useful features like mood trackers, health journals, etc.

This pill remembers the app is available for free and no registration is required to use the application.

Key features:
  • Medication reminder for all medications.
  • It has logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes.
  • You can track your tablets, dose, measurements, activities.
  • You can easily document all your health information.
  • You have lots of measurements for all conditions such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker - Medisafe

This application is also a great application. According to the app maker, this is the number one pill to remember the application. This android application is free to use. This app is very easy to use.

Key features more than pill remember:
  • Drug-to-drug interaction checker tool.
  • It has a Dr. appointment manager and calendar.
  • You can get pharmacy discount cards and drugstore coupons from here.
  • All of OTC and RX medications listed here.
  • Refill reminder is here.

Alarm and pill reminder

This medicine reminder app has a special feature and that is the alarm. When you forget to take your medicine this app will help you remind by the alarm. 

Key features more than pill remember:
  • Alarm.
  • Refill reminder.

Pill Reminder and Medicine App - MedControl

Pill reminder and medicine app, by MedControl. This application is also very useful and helpful.

Key features more than pill remember:
  • You can see the daily medication treatment status.
  • Refill reminder.
  • You can check the dashboard that how much time is left until the next medication.
  • It has advanced sound settings.

Medication Reminder

A medicine reminder is also a great application available on the Android platform. Using this application you will easily get reminders of your medications at the exact time.

Key features more than pill remember:
  • It also has family medication reminder feature.
  • You can use this for your pet's medication reminder
  • Different color schemes are also present here.

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