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Crisis of medicines due to the Corona lock down in India.

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COVID-19 affected the medicine market in India

COVID-19 affected the medicine market in India.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), outbreak Govt. of India declared lockdown all around the country to stop the spreading of the virus. But right now, the total logistic services are closed in India. That's why the distribution of medicine and medical instruments is also affected.

Most of the transport companies can't deliver medicine and other healthcare products in India. That's why the situation is really disturbed.

Govt. already declared that the necessary products like medicines, foods, etc. out of this lockdown situation but due to transportation is stoped that's way total distribution is not properly occurred.

Patients, who are suffering in chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure are very feared about this crisis. The statistics say that approximately 3 percent of people of the total population of India is suffering from Diabetes, the estimated prevalence of cardiac diseases in India was estimated to be near about 54.5 million.

 According to patients, if the distribution does not properly occur then we can't survive. They also mentioned that Govt. should take a proper step in this situation.

According to the pharmacy owners, they can't available all products because most of the medicines are out of stock.

Online pharmacies can't deliver medicines due to the courier services are stopped

Online pharmacies also stopped deliveries. That's why they also showing out of stock on their websites and mobile applications.

Online pharmacies want to deliver their products but they can't deliver their products due to the courier services are closed in lockdown.

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