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Medicine price increasing in India

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Day after day the price of branded medicines rising too much faster. That's very bad news for middle cust people of India the price of sugar, pressure, heart, urine, liver disease medicines has risen more than 8 to 10 percent in the last three or four months.

The approx increased rate chart- 
  • Metformin + Glicizide (Suger) 14 Capsules - Old price - 100.00  New price- 148.00
  • Telmisartan (Pressure) 15 Tablets- Old price - 200.00 New price- 245.00
  • Tamsulosin + Dutasteride (Prostate)15 capsules - Old price - 434.00 New price- 477.00

According to pharmacy owners, the rate of all types of antibiotic medicines are also increasing like Azythromysin, Amoxycillin, Cefuroxime, Cefixime, etc.

Medicines for cholesterol like Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel, Rosuvastatin, anti-allergic medicines like Fexofenadine, Montelukast, Cetrizine, Levocetirizine are also increased.

Middle class and poor patients and their family members are too much disappointed due to the price rising. They want government involvement to reduce the price of the necessary medicines.

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